Friday, November 05, 2010

-- Some Pics from My Inspiration Folder --

** First:  It was good to get that off my chest yesterday, but me thinks its time for some lighter content **

Lucas and I recently upgraded our bed to a King-size and we are loving it.  What I'm not loving though is that our actual bed frame/headboard had to move to a new home as well as all of our bedding.  But, at least it gives me an excuse to start over right?

Here are some pics that I've been drawn to lately:

unknown source

I can't remember where I found this pic but I really like:  the crispness of this room - the gray and white color scheme, the 3 square pillows across the front of the bed and I think the mirrored screen behind the bed would be a fun DIY project for Lucas and me.

Rue Magazine

I'm not such a fan of the upholstered wall in this pic, but the night tables have definitely captured my attention - I really like them!

Alice Lane

While obviously not a bedroom, I really love the star-ish large piece of art on the back wall.  Maybe another DIY option for the headboard wall of our bedroom?

unknown source

Another pic with 3 euro shams (I really like this fabric too) - I'm noticing a pattern here.

Anyway, I've obviously got a ways to go before making any decisions here, especially since Lucas is planning to build the new king bed and some appropriate-in-scale night tables... But its good to have somewhere to start right?


Littlec said...

I love looking at photos of beautifully decorated rooms. When I get a house, one of these days maybe, I would love to have an interior decorator make it pretty. I don't think I have the skill or patience to do it like you and Lucas do. You guys rock.

Joi said...

Loving pic #1! It's gorgeous!

Kell said...

I love your ideas! I like the 3-pillow look too. The headboard ideas you like are pretty neat. I'm a big fan of texture.

Keri said...

I love that first bedroom picture! So crisp and clean! Thats definitely the look that I want to go for too!

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