Thursday, April 28, 2011

-- Happy --

Katie wrote this in her blog yesterday and I found it this morning...  She warms my heart sometimes...

Be open to the happiness that could happen today.
Invite it in.
Nevermind wet clothes or sandy bottoms or keeping your toes out of the mud.
Today is a day for happy. 
Make it happen.
Dip your toes in.
It’ll be worth it…

Friday, April 22, 2011

-- Master Bedroom Mood Board --

I posted a little while back about the pillows that I made for our master bedroom.  They've turned out quite nicely in my opinion, but sadly, 3 nice pillows does not make a nice bedroom.  

This fall we upgraded from our super basic queen size bed to a super comfy king size and we haven't looked back since.  However, its definitely been a wake-up call because we've needed to change out almost everything in the room.  We had obviously expected needing to switch out the sheets and pillows, but it really never occurred to me that even our bedside tables would need changed to accommodate the big bed.

So its a work in progress... and most of it is in our imaginations :)  I have found it helpful to get some ideas together in the form of a mood board...  What do you think?

Right now the plan is for Lucas to make a new bed frame and headboard and we have some ideas up our sleeves about how to dress it up.  He will also make a couple bedside tables to complement the bed frame.  We are thinking something like the ones pictured below except in a wood that matches the bed.

I've also already purchased the lamps - they are not exactly like the ones in the mood board but the scale and shape is similar... the only difference is that the shades are a turquoise/cobalt blue like the middle throw pillow on the bed.  

The jury is still very much out with respect to the art on the headboard wall.  I kind of like the idea of the pictures behind the lamp, but I'm also considering going with something curvy (oval/circle) centred over the headboard.

Does anyone have any opinions?  suggestions? advice?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

-- Attitude Adjustment --

I'm not sure why, but lately I've been in a bit of a funk and the lack of blog posting is Exhibit A of my bad mood.  As my Mom and Dad might say, I have been in desperate need of an attitude adjustment :)

So in an effort to perk-me-up Lucas suggested Cake Pops and that's an idea that I can definitely get behind.  My last cake pop experience was also right around Easter and they were delicious.  This batch is equally as good - and was less of a headache too because I took the route of sprinkles instead of hand-decorating each pop.

A highlight of this Cake Pop experience was that I asked Lucas to get me a piece of styrofoam to stick the pops into and he didn't have any in the garage.  So instead he disappeared into his workshop, pulled out some wood scraps and a drill bit and came back with these stunners!  Nice right?  I think that with the way Cake Pops are sweeping the country, he should patent these babies :)

Yes, I took a lot of pictures :)

In addition to making - and eating - Cake Pops, another perk-me-up from yesterday was coming across this beautiful song on Facebook yesterday by Nichole Nordeman.  What a wonderful message - my favorite line "You should have seen me smile the day that I made you"

If you've got a minute - check out this video - it will make your heart swell :)

Ok, one last Cake Pop picture...

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