Wednesday, November 24, 2010

-- Christmas Time is Coming --

Are you playing Christmas music around the house yet?  

We are and I'm loving it.

I downloaded Mariah Carey's new album Merry Christmas II You and while I don't love every song, there are some great ones that I'm definitely going to enjoy for years to come.  We've also been breaking out the Straight No Chaser tunes :)  This amazing a capella group will be performing in mid-December in London, ON and Lucas and I are considering making the trip.  The only thing holding us back is that the concert is at 8pm on a Sunday so we'd have to take Monday off.  

Check out their video:

We are also going to be finishing up some Christmas shopping this week that needs to be sent out to our family on the East Coast.  I'm really looking forward to breaking out the Christmas decorations, the wrapping paper and the hot chocolate this weekend!!


Kell said...

What a fabulous performance! I really hope you two are able to go to the concert.

Littlec said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I bought the album. It is great!

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