Tuesday, November 16, 2010

-- Some of My Favourite Things --

Ann recently wrote a post listing some of her favorite things and it inspired me to write one of my own.  Interestingly enough, I think it creates a little window into who I am.  Maybe there will even be a surprise or two for those who might know me in real life...

1) Candy - Skittles, Big Foot, Starbursts, Fuzzy Peaches, Swedish Berries, Twizzlers...

I'm an equal opportunity candy eater and I totally love it.  If I had to give up all formats of junk food, this would be the hardest for me.  I pick up a bag of something every single week!

2) Trips to Ikea

Though Lucas won't visit Ikea with me anymore (and so I go less frequently) nothing makes a day feel better than a walk around my favourite furniture superstore.  I rarely come home with much other than knick-knacks, but I still love me some hunting for napkins / serving ware / simple black frames etc... Please tell me there are other Ikea lovers out there.

3) Phone chats with Family
My niece Kaylee and my grandmother - we call her Mama
Since I live hours away from most of my family, I truly enjoy spending hours on the phone catching up with my sister and niece, my mom and dad or my grandparents.  My mom and I usually talk at least once a week and the conversations are rarely shorter than an hour (much to Lucas' chagrin after I say "... it'll only be a minute ;)"  It's also so amazing to hear my niece on the other side of the phone saying something heart-melting like, "oh, Amanda... I MISS YOU!" - So great!

4) Game nights with Lucas
The gameboard for Ticket to Ride
A night playing Ticket to Ride is a really great night in my book - especially if I win.  Spending time together without the TV on is a rare thing around here so its nice to break from the norm.

5) Lululemon tanks
These tanks never ride up which makes them easy to love!  I wear a tank almost every day and these are my favourites because no matter my activity level, I know I won't need to be constantly adjusting the hem of the tank to meet the top of my jeans.

6) Being Barefoot
Ok, this isn't exactly a thing, but the things that make this possible are awesome.  See, I hate socks, so in the summer I love my flip flops... in fact, I try not to wear much else from May to October.  In the fall and winter, I break out the lined boots.  I currently have a pair of Ugg wannabes and another pair of taller sherling lined boots from Aldo that are so cozy and easy to wear in bare feet they are like slippers.  I love them!

7) Homemade BBQ chicken pizza
No take-out pizza here.  When we are craving some comfort food we break out the pizza stone, flour and BBQ sauce.  Maybe I'll share the recipe later this week... its pretty easy - and awesome!


Littlec said...

I love your list. Lululemon tanks are great. I loved playing Ticket to Ride. I also enjoy Swedish berries and big foot. I'm also a big flip flop fan. And I would love to know that recipe. My fav pizza at Boston Pizza was the BBQ chicken. I haven't been to Boston Pizza in years though; we also break out the stone and have homemade pizza nights. I'd like to know your recipe. I just found this pizza sauce recipe and want to try it.

Anonymous said...

I also looooove trips to Ikea. =) Thanks for the tip on the Luluemon tanks, because I have a really long waist and I definitely have problems with my current tanks riding up throughout the day. I do feel like I'm always tugging them down. Where do you buy yours?

Megan said...

Oh, I also LOVE ikea!! I just went for the first time a couple months ago... you would have thought I died and went to Heaven by the smile I had on my face. :)

Wendy said...

Cute post! Going to look up those tanks! Those boots are awesome...might need to look those up, too!
I am all about the skittles, swedish fish, licorice, too!! Thanks for sharing :)

Ann said...

Love your list:) I too, get weak in the knees for Swedish Berries, Skittles, Fuzzy Peaches... As for LuLu Lemon I like, but not made for this curvy girl> I'll go for Yummy Tummy (same look but with a little control for the middle, I love my me emus (which are another aussie version of uggs. I just finished The Forgotten Garden (not in your list but I see you are reading it) and I wish there were an Ikea here.. I didn't realize we are so much alike.

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