Saturday, November 13, 2010

-- In the Christmas Spirit --

After sleeping in a little this morning, Lucas and I headed out to take advantage of the amazing warm fall weather (we made it over 12 C this afternoon) to tidy up the garage and to get out the Christmas lights :)  I know, its only November and Christmas is several weeks away - but hanging outdoor Christmas lights is absolutely NO fun in the freezing cold.  So even though we got many stares and a neighbour who came over to say he will dig out his pellet gun if we light them before December 1... we got them situated...

Turns out you can't see the lights very well in pictures - but they are clipped into the  fascia of the overhang of our tiny porch.

A bunch more lights... spread out on our postage stamp of a front yard, waiting for placement :)

We also attach a string of old-style large bulb lights along the fence between our place and the neighbour's.

My pile of Christmas decorations, brought down from storage in the garage.  Its safe to say that if even I got every clothing item together that I own, I still wouldn't have enough to fill all of these bins!

I think I'll wait another week or so before bringing out the interior decorations or the wreaths etc... for outside, but it does feel nice to know that most of the outdoor decorating is complete (and I did it in my flipflops!)


Megan said...

Okay, but as long as you don't TURN ON the lights until after Thanksgiving, we can still be friends. :)

Just kidding... it's a great idea to get it done when it's not freezing outside!!

christine, just bella said...

Flip flops!? Wow, I wish we had that kind of weather in Edmonton right now.

Way to get ahead of the game!
:) Christine

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