Thursday, October 28, 2010

-- Hi Blog... Its Me --

Since I've been MIA lately, I've got lots of updates, but I don't feel like being long-winded today so I'm going for point form instead.

... Since Thanksgiving I've finished 4 books and am currently 3/4 of the way through another (check out the side-bar to see what I'm currently reading).  Getting closer to my goal of 27 books this year :)

... I've also tried out some new recipes.  Just last weekend I made Butternut Squash soup with ginger and orange, a new breadmaker recipe, and Chai pancakes (thanks for the recipe April - these are definitely a new favorite!)

... Last night I finished my Teaching Dossier and am ready to submit!  A final step on the way submitting all my graduation paperwork.

... I'm working on a Photobook that will document Lucas and my recent trip to the East Coast.  I think it might end up being 2 separate books though.  One that covers our motorcycle trip through Maine and New Hampshire, and a second that covers our trip to Cape Breton, NS for April & Tiago's wedding.  Its looking great so far and is so much less time consuming than actual scrapbooking!

... Lucas had been working on Christmas presents for the past few weekends.  But, he just recently finished a commissioned project where he built a Dollhouse Bookcase for a customer's little girl.  He dropped it off last week and she loves it.  In fact, its so adorable that I think it deserves a post of its own later this week... stay tuned.

... Fall (and the windy cloudy weather that accompanies it) has definitely landed here.  Our trees in the backyard are now bare and it makes me kind of sad.  Maybe its time to start planning a vacation to somewhere warm?  Maybe while sipping a steamy latte?

Friday, October 08, 2010

-- Happy Thanksgiving --

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!

I'm headed out soon to begin the Thanksgiving long week-end.  We'll be closing up the trailer at the lake until Sunday and then Lucas and I are headed to his parents' place for some turkey eating!

Too bad I've still got lots of work to do this weekend - but at least I'll be doing in at the lake!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

-- My Amazing Husband --

So its old news that I defended my PhD dissertation last week, but what I haven't revealed is the awesome gift that my husband had waiting for me when I got home.  First off, and honestly most exciting for me, was a beautiful bouquet of flowers that still going strong even a week later!

And just to make it 300% better, he also gifted me with a day at the spa -  a manicure, pedicure, facial and wash & style.  To say he was definitely in my good-book that evening is an understatement!  So I had my spa appointment this morning/afternoon and wanted to share how great my dark purple toes and french manicured fingers are looking (too bad its a bad iPhone pic)!

Nice work honey!!  I had a great day!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

-- Documentation --

My family is already on me about making plans for graduation photos - but they don't want me to wait until actual graduation (which isn't until June).  Instead, they think that graduation photos would be a great idea for Christmas gifts ... me, not so much.

See, there isn't even one tiny part of me that is itching to put on a giant robe and a big floppy hat - let alone pose in front of some screen that is supposed to look like a library holding a roll of paper that is supposed to look like a diploma.  In fact, thinking about that experience makes me want to run away!

So I'm stuck.  I know that someday I will probably look back and want some sort of photographic documentation of this milestone - but I am wishing there was an alternative option to the school-days photo that is so typical.   If I don't figure something out soon though, I'm likely going to be looking like the dude below in the not-so-distant future :(

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

-- Did this seriously happen to me? --

Lucas and I have been watching a lot of Cake Boss (the TLC show) lately and between that and our recent birthdays I've been itching to make a cake.  One of my favorites growing up has always been a lemon flavored cake with Lemon & Whipped Cream frosting.  Its super yummy... but not when it ends up as a disaster in the sink!

I can't even remember what happened.  I baked the cake in a funnel pan - one where the center and bottom part are separate from the side so that you can just slide it out.  And while I was holding the center/funnel part, I must have tilted it sideways and the cake just crumbled right off the pan and into the sink.  It wouldn't have been so bad if only the sink had been clean, but no, I hadn't put the dishes into the dishwasher nor had I put the scraps from dinner that night down the disposal!

I was horrified - but still hungry for cake!  So I salvaged some cake parts that hadn't come into contact with the sink or garbage and put the pieces in a dish - 5 second rule right?

So this is what I was left with - basically a few hunks of cake sadness :(  But you wanna bet I threw those in a bowl, put a dollop of my lemon pie filling mixed with CoolWhip frosting on it and topped it off with a few fresh strawberries.  And surprisingly enough, it was actually kind of tasty!

I guess that's one way of making sure we didn't eat a whole cake :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

-- So Blessed --

I just found out that a school colleague was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  This kind of news puts this evening's argument between my husband and me over work ethic in perspective.  Its just not worth it.

When all is said and done, I am blessed beyond measure.

-- Makeover Madness --

Since going AWOL a couple months ago on the blog front there have been a bunch of changes underway around here.

The first, most obvious change, being the blog makeover courtesy of Sweet Simplicity blog designs.  Lindsey started off with a quick questionnaire about my likes and dislikes, then drafted up an idea board that took all of those likes/dislikes into consideration.  I think gave her feedback about the design before she went ahead and installed the new look - and I love it!  The quirky florals, the colors and fonts - are in a word - perfect!  Thanks so much Lindsey!!!  While Lindsey isn't accepting new custom design work at this point, she does have some ready-to-wear templates that are gorgeous.

The other major change that I've been working on over the past couple months is a makeover for my CV/Resume!  In fact, on September 29 I successfully defended my dissertation - that's right - I'm technically Dr. Clark now.  The title sounds so incredibly strange to me though.  See I've spent 3 years teaching students who insist on calling me Professor or Dr. even though I tell them its not me, and now that it is, it feels like I'm wearing a costume or something.  I was telling my mom about the weirdness, and she didn't get it.  So I told her it is kind of like the feeling after you get married and change your last name.  It actually took me several years to think of myself as Amanda Clark inside my head...  Anyways, I'm sure that with time it will start to feel more natural with time.

So anyways, I'm back with a new blog design and a new degree - hopefully I'll be around more often :)
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