Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have you been watching "The Good Wife" ??

I've been watching a new show on Global this season and I think I'm in love.

"The Good Wife" airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm (for all those Canadian readers) and features Juliana Margulies (from ER), Chris Noth (from Sex & The City) and Matt Czuchry (from Gilmore Girls). The premise is that Juliana's character, Alicia, gave up her career as a lawyer to be the faithful wife of Chris' character, Peter who was an Attorney General until he was found taking part in a lurid affair with a young stripper. When Peter gets sent to jail for his use of government money to pay for the stripper, Alicia needs to find her way back into practicing law and "The Good Wife" focuses on the cases that Alicia works on while working at a Junior Associate in a successful law firm.

Each week, the case is different, which means I don't get the chance to get bored with a bunch of supporting characters. The show has only been on for 6 episodes, but I'm already pulling for the main characters and hoping that they all get the chance to get their lives
back on track.

Altogether, I'm impressed by how smart this show is without being overtly sexy (like Grey's Anatomy) or too heartless. If you like a show that focuses on characters and encourages you to think... tune in to Global on Tuesday night (if you are Canadian... if not, apparantly CBS is airing the show) and check it out (here's to hoping one of my new favorites doesn't get cancelled...

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