Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Book Reactions: Down Came the Rain - 3/5 stars

The first book of 2009 that I read was an autobiography by Brooke Shields called "Down Came the Rain"

I had this book on my 2008 Christmas list and was lucky enough that my husband gifted me with the book over the holidays. Given the graduate degree that I am working towards in Psychology - and my general interest in mental health, I was drawn to the book because its Brooke's account of her personal struggle with Post-Partum depression. Add to that, at the time I was making my Christmas list, I was loving Brooke's show "Lipstick Jungle" (which has since been cancelled) so I was only further drawn toward all things Brooke Shields.

I started reading "Down Came the Rain" very early in the new year and finished it within about 2 weeks. Considering that the book isn't very long, 2 weeks to read it is quite some time for me. My slowness was probably due to the fact that the book was a really heavy read! That being said, the book was enlightening about the realities of post-partum mental health issues. I'd definitely recommend the book for anyone wanting more insight into the real symptoms of post-partum depression or for anyone looking to just learn more about Brooke Shields. But, remember, the realities of what Brooke writes about in her book are hard to read, and hard to understand so try to read it with an open mind.

... WooHoo - First book post since my re-commitment... one down, about 15 to go :)

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