Friday, October 09, 2009

Book Reactions: Confessions of a Shopoholic - 3/5 stars

About a week after finishing "Down Came the Rain" I was shopping at Costco and happened upon "Confessions of a Shopoholic" by Sophie Kinsella for a whopping $5!

Since the book was about to make its appearance in theatres, I figured it might be a fun read. And it certainly was a fun one to read! I never got into the Shopoholic series when it was popular for the first time, and since reading this book I can understand why it didn't appeal to me 4 - 5 years ago. See, at that point, I was in my first/second year of university and I was so busy trying to be an academic that I didn't think I had time for a 'fluffy' read. These days though, I'm so tired of academic reading that a chick lit book is right up my alley (and this will become painfully evident as I post more reviews). I read this book in a weekend and it was an enjoyable way to spend a couple cold January evenings.

As the title suggests, the main character, Becky Bloomwood, has a seriously spending problem. Her credit cards are maxed, she makes up lies to tell her family and friends about why bill collectors are following her but yet she still can't see to walk by a store window without walking inside and buying something. Long story short, she's a little shallow about the importance of image and it gets her in trouble - until it doesn't and instead it leads her to a pretty amazing and understanding guy.

While it wasn't the best book I've read this year, I've got to honestly admit, I've already read two more Sophie Kinsella books :) The sad part is, they are all the same - an attractive young girl is messed up for some reason, she has a crisis and in the process winds up with the perfect guy and the perfect life... The stuff that makes chick lit and beach reads fun!

** Ok, so I missed yesterday because my computer wouldn't open webpages for some reason. Stay tuned though, tomorrow I'm planning to write about "Chasing Harry Winston" the last chick lit book before I sent out my Reading Resolution email....

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