Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

My in-laws spent the day with us yesterday and we enjoyed a fabulous Easter meal (made mostly by my husband... but I like to think I helped). Between the seven of us we polished off a ham, enormous amounts of potatoes, vegetables, baked mac&cheese and a dozen rolls. Not to mention that a little later, I brought out the cake-pops and Lucas' mom reminded me that she'd brought dessert as well.

The cake-pops were certainly a hit! However, the veggie lovers in the crowd thought they were a tad sweet for their taste. But for a sugar-addict like me - I loved them. What put me over the sugar-coma edge was the addition of the lemon pie, the graham cracker pie, the lemon squares and the cherry cheesecake squares. I adore my in-laws, but when I suggested they bring dessert, I never expected 4 different desserts and 6-8 bags of candy :) Looks like I'll be hitting the treadmill tomorrow...


Littlec said...

That sounds delicious Amanda. We had a potluck at Tiago's and him and his roommate made beer can chicken. I made dessert and veggies.

The Girls said...

Oh how I miss graham cracker pie. But I have to laugh My in- laws did the same thing when I asked for dessert at thanksgiving. I think there was a pie for each one of the 27 who were here. guess my family isn't much different.


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