Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling Like an Undergrad

Today I've been working on a paper that is due for my very last required course for my Ph.D. Such a huge part of me is giving myself a pat on the back that I've gotten this far, but this other part of me is feeling just a little ashamed... why? Because today as I was working on the paper, I considered (at least twice) emailing the prof and asking how long she wants the paper to be... how she wants me structure some of the parts etc... Thinking these things makes me realize that while I've come so far in some respects, in other ways, I've haven't changed at all since my first couple of years as an undergrad.

I can only imagine myself in 15 years, writing a grant proposal, emailing NSERC saying "How long is this supposed to be... can I double-space it?"

** Hanging my head in shame **

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Littlec said...

I'm also working on my last paper and I emailed the prof a stupid question because someone told me she was including an abstract, but it's a critique we're writing so I was pretty sure it didn't call for an abstract. But just to be sure I actually emailed the prof to confirm this. Boourns. And duh, no abstract is required.

I just want this paper finished. So close to being done my course work. So close.

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