Tuesday, November 01, 2011

-- Hi Blog, It's Me --

I've been thinking about this little blog lately and the consensus is that I've missed it around here.  Sure I've been keeping up with all the blogs that I read, but I find that when I'm not blogging I don't really comment on other people's blogs either.  That's just not ok.  So in honour of the beginning of a new month, I figured I should pop in an make a list of the things that we've been up to over of the past couple of months.

My last post was in July so lets start off in...


  • Lets be real, I don't remember much from August - work was crazy busy but we did squeeze in a trip to the Maritimes to hang out with my family and to attend a family wedding...

  • We celebrated our birthdays by eating a couple of fabulous meals at Italian places - Del Dente and Sotto in the Village.  We even met up for coffee with my sister and her fiance so they could show off their Save The Dates for their upcoming wedding.
  • I started teaching a class on Tuesday evenings (just for the fall semester) so my Tuesday nights got really busy really soon.
  • We celebrated the return of TV!  We are keeping up with some of our usual favorites like Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy and Hawaii 5-0 but we've also added a couple new shows to the lineup.  We are loving Revenge!

  • I had the opportunity to attend a work-related conference in Atlanta, GA.  The meeting just happened to be right after Canadian Thanksgiving so Lucas took a few days off and came along.  We spent a couple of days exploring Charleston, SC, then headed to Savannah, GA for a couple more days before ending our trip in Atlanta.  We had a great time and I'll likely blog some pictures from the trip at a later date.
  • We are welcoming fall by reintroducing Sunday Soup Nights at our place.  So far we've tried Natalie's Ribolitta, and a Butternut Squash, Ginger and Orange soup that we found in What's Cooking magazine a while back.  This week we are thinking of trying Lemon Orzo Chicken soup, or maybe a Light Baked Potato Soup - we'll see which wins out soon enough :)
Anyways, so far our fall has been relatively uneventful other than that I'm working on some job applications and Lucas has some woodworking projects on the go.  Last November I blogged every day for the month - if my track record recently is any indication - I'm guessing I won't make it every day this month but hey, a girl can dream right?

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