Thursday, November 10, 2011

-- Winter White --

This fall has been a challenge for me.  It just feels like the weeks are flying by!  Mondays are long days at work because of a late in the day meeting that just makes the evening commute home even longer.  As a result, on Monday nights we get home around 6:30/6:45pm, make dinner, make our lunch for the next day and its just about time for bed.  On Tuesdays I teach a 3hr night class that doesn't get over until 10pm and then I get up at 5:30am the next morning for work on Wednesdays.  Because of this somewhat crazy schedule to my early week, by the time Wednesday evenings come around I am so ready to change into some jammies, and hang out on the couch.

Last night, we did just that but also wanted a little sweet snack with our hot evening beverage :)  So I tried out a recipe that I found on Pinterest. 

The "pin-spiration":

My version:

I didn't have any evaporated milk so I used a light cream and I think it turned out fine.  I also didn't have a whole bunch of chocolate so I fully dipped a couple peppermint patties and just half-dipped the rest.  

The bonus: these guys only took about 20 minutes and half of that was waiting for them to firm up in the freezer!

I spent the rest of my evening winterizing my nails... another "pinspiration" :)


Littlec said...

I love peppermint patties!

Brittany said...

Oh my mouth is watering. I love peppermint patties! I'm your newest follower :) love your blog!!

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