Monday, July 18, 2011

-- Last Weekend: RibFest 2011 --

First a warning: If you are a vegetarian or vegan and you weren't already tipped off by the title of this post, avert your eyes.  Carnivorous activities lie herein...

We spent Saturday afternoon at a local park that was celebrating RibFest 2011.  I get the feeling that many towns celebrate RibFest, but we'd never been before - rather surprising considering our love for all things BBQ'd and smothered in sauce :)  We showed up about 30 minutes after the place opened and there was already a swarm of people...

Enjoying some of "Pappy's Old-Fashioned Soda Pop" while waiting in line for our first 1/2 rack of ribs from the folks at Kentucky Smokehouse.

The Kentucky Smokehouse Secret... who knew?

Hmmm... looking at this now, the picture doesn't look too appetizing.  In person, it must have looked pretty good though, because these guys lasted less than 10 minutes!

Taking a break for some veggies dipped in butter (seriously, these slow roasted corn on the cob people had two slow cookers full of melted butter!!)

After walking off a tiny bit of that first 1/2 rack helping, we moved onto our second stop... we had to choose between Boss Hogs and Jack the Ribber :-)

 Both places used BBQ's with wood fires, so we chose Jack the Ribber who ensure us that his ribs were more tender then your Mama's love... (the ribs were awesome, the grammar, not so much)

The BBQ-er at Jack the Ribber was saucing up our lunch with a paintbrush!

Super Yummy!

And we finished just in time to take in some of the local talent!

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Leah said...

Looks like a great day! My mouth is watering now!

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