Thursday, October 28, 2010

-- Hi Blog... Its Me --

Since I've been MIA lately, I've got lots of updates, but I don't feel like being long-winded today so I'm going for point form instead.

... Since Thanksgiving I've finished 4 books and am currently 3/4 of the way through another (check out the side-bar to see what I'm currently reading).  Getting closer to my goal of 27 books this year :)

... I've also tried out some new recipes.  Just last weekend I made Butternut Squash soup with ginger and orange, a new breadmaker recipe, and Chai pancakes (thanks for the recipe April - these are definitely a new favorite!)

... Last night I finished my Teaching Dossier and am ready to submit!  A final step on the way submitting all my graduation paperwork.

... I'm working on a Photobook that will document Lucas and my recent trip to the East Coast.  I think it might end up being 2 separate books though.  One that covers our motorcycle trip through Maine and New Hampshire, and a second that covers our trip to Cape Breton, NS for April & Tiago's wedding.  Its looking great so far and is so much less time consuming than actual scrapbooking!

... Lucas had been working on Christmas presents for the past few weekends.  But, he just recently finished a commissioned project where he built a Dollhouse Bookcase for a customer's little girl.  He dropped it off last week and she loves it.  In fact, its so adorable that I think it deserves a post of its own later this week... stay tuned.

... Fall (and the windy cloudy weather that accompanies it) has definitely landed here.  Our trees in the backyard are now bare and it makes me kind of sad.  Maybe its time to start planning a vacation to somewhere warm?  Maybe while sipping a steamy latte?


Littlec said...

I remember looking at that bookcase. It was so cool. Yah for reading time. I'm getting some reading done now, but I look forward to much more reading time in December.

The fall weather hasn't been the best. I love fall, but it feels as if it has been cloudy and rainy for 80% of the time. Not cool.

Kell said...

If you plan a vacation to someplace cold (i.e., Winnipeg) I will provide the warming lattes and friendship feelings.

Lucky Girl said...

Seriously Kelley - I am looking forward to it! I wish we lived closer!!

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