Wednesday, October 06, 2010

-- Documentation --

My family is already on me about making plans for graduation photos - but they don't want me to wait until actual graduation (which isn't until June).  Instead, they think that graduation photos would be a great idea for Christmas gifts ... me, not so much.

See, there isn't even one tiny part of me that is itching to put on a giant robe and a big floppy hat - let alone pose in front of some screen that is supposed to look like a library holding a roll of paper that is supposed to look like a diploma.  In fact, thinking about that experience makes me want to run away!

So I'm stuck.  I know that someday I will probably look back and want some sort of photographic documentation of this milestone - but I am wishing there was an alternative option to the school-days photo that is so typical.   If I don't figure something out soon though, I'm likely going to be looking like the dude below in the not-so-distant future :(


Littlec said...

I think this would be an awesome pic to have and look back on. Embrace it!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are great memories for you and your family, besides this is not a milestone it is a major life event. Your family is very proud of you, please do not run away!!!

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