Tuesday, October 05, 2010

-- Did this seriously happen to me? --

Lucas and I have been watching a lot of Cake Boss (the TLC show) lately and between that and our recent birthdays I've been itching to make a cake.  One of my favorites growing up has always been a lemon flavored cake with Lemon & Whipped Cream frosting.  Its super yummy... but not when it ends up as a disaster in the sink!

I can't even remember what happened.  I baked the cake in a funnel pan - one where the center and bottom part are separate from the side so that you can just slide it out.  And while I was holding the center/funnel part, I must have tilted it sideways and the cake just crumbled right off the pan and into the sink.  It wouldn't have been so bad if only the sink had been clean, but no, I hadn't put the dishes into the dishwasher nor had I put the scraps from dinner that night down the disposal!

I was horrified - but still hungry for cake!  So I salvaged some cake parts that hadn't come into contact with the sink or garbage and put the pieces in a dish - 5 second rule right?

So this is what I was left with - basically a few hunks of cake sadness :(  But you wanna bet I threw those in a bowl, put a dollop of my lemon pie filling mixed with CoolWhip frosting on it and topped it off with a few fresh strawberries.  And surprisingly enough, it was actually kind of tasty!

I guess that's one way of making sure we didn't eat a whole cake :)

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Littlec said...

Your blog looks great! I'm loving all the new posts and the telling of your cake disaster. I'm glad you could salvage some and make it yummy again! Good work.

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