Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mushroom Makeover

A couple weekends ago we were visiting Lucas' parents and noticed that they had gotten a new ottoman in their family room. The new ottoman is basically a cube that looks really great in the room - thing is, I really loved the old ottoman. We affectionately referred to it as the mushroom because it was a little overstuffed and had short stubby legs making it look like a mushroom. So when Lucas' mom said that the mushroom was in the trash I had a conniption fit! I was so relieved to find out though that it had only made it to the trash pile in the garage and not to the curb! So, I brought my little mushroom baby home with me and began its makeover...

Try to forgive the orange-y photo - but here is the mushroom in all its glory!

The latest upholstery job didn't exactly match the colors in our living room and it was pretty bumpy too. So off came the fabric and batting underneath only to get a new layer of batting and more suitable-to-us fabric. I also gave the legs a new coat of dark brown paint to cover all the scratches and scars in the wood. Here's the new mushroom - what do you think?

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Littlec said...

That looks great Amanda. I am always impressed by your craftiness!

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