Tuesday, March 23, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography: Week FOUR

This week was all about the flash - but the assignment for the week didn't really work for my schedule as I was supposed to try taking a pic outside - presumably, during the day.  Also, since I'm not a huge fan of the flash - ever, I'm skipping this week but will be back on board next week.  If you want to learn more about using your flash more effectively check out the tutorial at Two Peas in a Bucket here or Meredith's post here.

Since I didn't leave you with a picture for this week, let me show you how I figured out custom white balance this week though!

This is a photo taken in the evening using auto white balance...  a horrible yellow-y mess...

Now using the custom white balance...  all of a sudden our green wall is actually green!!  WootWoot!!

Now just as an illustration - this is one of my camera's settings - the incandescent.  Honestly, for the work of setting a custom white balance (which isn't awful but does require toting around a large white card) I'm pretty happy with the results of the incandescent setting.  But, its awesome that I learned how to properly set a custom WB!!

Next week is more flash stuff - I'll plan to take a look at the tutorial before Tuesday afternoon - just in case it requires time outside like it did this week :)

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