Tuesday, December 06, 2011

-- My Makeshift Mantle: 2011 --

Ugh - it gets dark here so early these days!  It makes it virtually impossible to get a good photo.

Today Michelle at Ten June is hosting Mantle Day for the Bringing Christmas Cheer to the Blogosphere Party.  Unfortunately, we aren't fortunate enough to have a fireplace in our home (its definitely on our must-have list for our next home though) but we like to improvise around here.  We choose to deck out the top of our piano during the holidays instead.

I decided on a silver and white theme for this year and its making me so happy to see it sparkling!

I ended up moving our acrylic JOY letters onto the 'mantle' once I realized that they would fit right in.  For some height on one side I stuck 4 ornament sprays (supposed to be stuck into a bare spot in a Christmas tree) into a basic white water pitcher that matches our china.  I added a couple silver and crystal candlesticks and fancy snowflake ornaments beside to keep it company :)

The other side also has some height going on in the form of a plain clear glass vase that I filled with faux snow.  A little trick that I used was putting another small cylinder container inside the vase that displaces some of the snow so I didn't need to use quite as much.  Also, the smaller globe object is actually a lamp but I needed to turn it off for the picture because it was throwing off the exposure.

The middle of the 'mantle' feature a sparkly wire tree that I got at a local home accessories store.

I think one of my favorite things about this 'mantle' are all the crystal candle holders and tealights.  As soon as we get home for the evening Lucas lights them all and it really makes the living room feel quite cozy!

Make sure to visit Ten June to check out everyone else's mantle!


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Love what you did! More lovely than most mantles!

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