Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Good...

Yup, still loving the soy milk, until it gets spilled on my laptop!

Everything on the computer is still working properly, but all of the keys on my keyboard are incredibly stiff and sticky... any suggestions?


Kell said...

I have no suggestions but I share your pain. I spilled orange juice and it got my CD drive sticky and now the disc won't come out.

Also, I thought I'd mention that today I bought chocolate almond, soy, and rice milks to do a drink to drink comparison and determine my favourite once and for all! I might even have someone else pour them so I can taste them blindly.

Sarah said...

Hi, Amanda! Saw your response to my PEI pics, so wanted to come over and say hi! So you live in New Bruswick? Awesome, it is so pretty up there, we love it. Here's 2 links that might help about the house we stayed in. The first is its "official" website (2 sisters own the duplex, each one has a side.)

And I found this on that VRBO thing you were talking about:

Hope that helps! And good luck with the soy milk keyboard, that sucks.

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