Saturday, June 15, 2013

-- Happenings - Part One --

Its been over a year since I posted on this blog.  Its been quite a year but I think I'm ready to start sharing a slice of our life here again.

Here are the major happenings in the first part of 2012 (I'll get to the rest soon):

January and February 2012:  

  • On the job market.
  • Lucky to have several phone interviews and visited a couple different campuses in the US.
  • Incredibly fortunate to make a couple good impressions and had to choose between 2 job offers - the closest being 14 hours away from where we were living currently.
April 2012:
  • Signed a contract with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  An incredibly scary undertaking (and one that required a good bit of convincing to get Lucas behind the decision) but it really did 'feel' right.

  • Had an awesome visit with my sisters, we shopped for dresses for my little sister's wedding and went to Raptors basketball game!

  • Finished some minor house updates and put our house on the market.

 May 2012:
  • Accepted an offer on our home - exactly one day after I wrote the entry below in my journal.

June 2012:
  • Had an incredibly difficult time finding a rental house in Chattanooga... I seriously spent several days on Craigslist just refreshing my screen hoping something would pop up.  Each time we would get close, it would fall through.  Eventually a place worked out though...
  • Saw my little sister marry the guy of her dreams and my sweet little niece as a rockin' flower girl!

That seems like a pretty happy place to leave off.  Coming up is the big move, several heartbreaking family losses, and a pretty phenomenal family addition!

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