Friday, April 22, 2011

-- Master Bedroom Mood Board --

I posted a little while back about the pillows that I made for our master bedroom.  They've turned out quite nicely in my opinion, but sadly, 3 nice pillows does not make a nice bedroom.  

This fall we upgraded from our super basic queen size bed to a super comfy king size and we haven't looked back since.  However, its definitely been a wake-up call because we've needed to change out almost everything in the room.  We had obviously expected needing to switch out the sheets and pillows, but it really never occurred to me that even our bedside tables would need changed to accommodate the big bed.

So its a work in progress... and most of it is in our imaginations :)  I have found it helpful to get some ideas together in the form of a mood board...  What do you think?

Right now the plan is for Lucas to make a new bed frame and headboard and we have some ideas up our sleeves about how to dress it up.  He will also make a couple bedside tables to complement the bed frame.  We are thinking something like the ones pictured below except in a wood that matches the bed.

I've also already purchased the lamps - they are not exactly like the ones in the mood board but the scale and shape is similar... the only difference is that the shades are a turquoise/cobalt blue like the middle throw pillow on the bed.  

The jury is still very much out with respect to the art on the headboard wall.  I kind of like the idea of the pictures behind the lamp, but I'm also considering going with something curvy (oval/circle) centred over the headboard.

Does anyone have any opinions?  suggestions? advice?


Rambling Renovators said...

Your mood board looks great! I like the symmetry of the plan. I like your idea of adding something round... Oval mirrors above the side tables could work too.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

I like how your mood board looks like a real room! :) Having a king bed would definitely affect a lot of other things in the room. I don't think we would even have the space for a king in our bedroom!

I think it all looks very nice so far. I'm terrible with deciding where to hang artwork/wall decor though (which explains why we have very little on our walls). I do like the idea of the two similar pieces on either side of the headboard.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is really pretty! I like the idea of a curved frame/mirror above the bed, just for a little difference from all the hard square lines, but the picture are pretty, too. When we added the monogram above our bed it really transformed the room. It stopped looking so 'square.'

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