Wednesday, March 30, 2011

-- Stella and Dot WishList --

I've got to say, I'm a lucky girl.  My mom called a few days ago to say that she wants to pick a little something to give me to commemorate my graduation that it coming up in a couple months.  So, as per her instructions, I spent some time this morning making a Stella and Dot wishlist!  So much fun!

In looking through their website, I noticed that I'm drawn most to the more delicate designs - maybe because I think they are more timeless?

Here's what I bookmarked for my wishlist:

Starry Night Necklace
I think that this one has got to be my most favorite.  So shiny, but feminine and definitely something I can see wearing for many years into the future.

Glint Flower Necklace
 This one is similar to the Starry Night necklace, its in silver (I wear more silver/white gold usually) and at less than half the price its a nice compromise.  I only wonder about how "cubic zirconia" looking the pendant is...

Teardrop Necklace

Together Forever Necklace
These two necklaces are also gorgeous in my opinion.  And the bangle below is also something that I can see myself wearing on a regular basis.  I think it would look just as great with a nice dress as it would with some dark wash jeans and a tee.

Signature Clover Bangle
 This last item on my wishlist is something that I really hadn't previous considered, but am finding quite appealing.  Its a serious of charms that can be worn on any chain or bangle.  If it were up to me, I would pick the 'a' charm, the wishbone, the pearl of wisdom and/or the hope charm, which looks a lot like the one pictured below.

 So many excellent choices - I'm definitely hoping that Mom can settle on one that she likes for me *hint*hint*

Do any of you have Stella and Dot jewelry?  What's your favorite?  Have you tried on any of the ones that I've put on my wishlist?


Emily said...

Those are gorgeous pieces! I love the teardrop pendant.

modern jane said...

I like the teardrop and the together forever necklaces! Lucky you!

Mom said...

Good choices Amanda. I think I can choose from these. I really like them too. I love mine and I wear it all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! It's Krystyn. Congrats on your graduation!
I've tried on the Glint CZ Flower Necklace and the Together Forever Necklace. The Glint CZ Necklace is about 1 cm in diameter. It's very delicate. A great everyday piece.
Together Forever is also beautiful.
I've never seen the Starry Night Necklace 'in person', but it's beautiful online. And, the charm collection has been a best-seller for Stella & Dot. They're all great picks!
Check out my facebook page if you like:

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