Friday, February 18, 2011

-- New Favorites --

A couple years ago I came to realize that my lips are super sensitive to the sun (as in they can get blisters in a matter of hours) and as such, lip balm with SPF is a daily requirement for me.  I feel like I've tried so many lip balms with SPF and have never been satisfied because they always leave a metallic aftertaste in my mouth.

But, this summer while shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-Op, I found this lip balm and figured I'd try it.  Within a couple of hours I knew that I loved it.  Its smooth, clear and has no aftertaste at all!  So the next time we went to MEC I bought 5 tubes to ensure that I always had one!

Then, just before leaving for Mexico I was shopping at Sephora and decided to take a leap and try a lip balm with SPF that was way out of my usual price range.

And lets just say, its love!  While I am still a big fan of my Eco-Lips for wearing at the lake or beach, I am loving Sugar Rose for everyday wear.  It goes on incredibly smooth, has an amazing lemon-y scent and a great tint that is so wearable.  Since buying it a month ago, I have worn this lip balm everyday and I can't imagine ever being without.  Since its over $20 for a tube, I won't exactly be stocking up, but I'd still whole-heartedly recommend it!

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