Tuesday, May 10, 2011

-- Design Disagreements --

Do you and your significant other agree on elements of the design / look of your home?

Except for paint colors, it is extremely rare for Lucas and I to wholeheartedly agree with each other regarding choices for our home.  Its true that we almost always find a compromise that we can both be happy with, but its always a struggle going back and forth trying to figure it out.

Case in point - this spring Lucas is planning on building an outdoor chair (maybe even two if we can agree on a design).  The major reason why he is building one is because he is part of an online group of woodworkers who do projects together that are led by The Wood Whisperer.  Basically this guy uploads very detailed instructional videos that are designed to teach woodworkers to improve their skill.  Great idea right?  Sure, except Marc, the Wood Whisperer makes the designs and they are never - never even close - to satisfying my design aesthetic.

See here are some pics of outdoor chairs that I like.  They typically feature a low, deep seat, wide arms, narrow slats for the seat and back and most usually a comfy seat cushion...

 But here is the design that Lucas is planning on making...

from The Wood Whisperer
Its a take on an adirondack chair, but I just don't like it.  It doesn't look comfortable and considering the cost of building something like this, I don't really feel like having an expensive outdoor chair that we both don't love...

How you do and roommate/significant other/husband handle these design disagreements?
Any suggestions on ways to please us both in the outdoor chair department?


Meredith said...

Oh, Justin and I pretty much NEVER agree on things like this! He loves dark stained wood (I seriously think if it were up to him, our house would have wood paneling), whereas I want to paint it all white.

I don't have any concrete advice, other than to say that I try to remember that it's his house too, and he also gets a say in how things are done. I don't always like it though!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

could you add cushions that make it more comfy AND that you love?


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

could you add cushions that make it more comfy AND that you love?


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