Tuesday, January 04, 2011

-- Its Been Busy Round Here --

It feels like its been forever since I've caught up on my blog reading let alone updating here but I promise I have an excuse.  In fact, we've been quite busy around here with a little bathroom renovation.  The reason for this reno requires a little back story though, so here goes.

Since I was a little girl, I have loved taking a bath - in fact, I remember many evenings where I would drag my little 13" black and white TV into the bathroom so I could watch TV while taking a nice, long, 2 hour bath.  My sisters likely hated this hobby of mine since the 3 of us shared the bathroom, but what can I say, I loved taking baths.

The problem is, when we moved into this house I came to find out that not all bathrooms, nor bathtubs are created equal.  Instead, I learned very quickly that bottom-of-the-line tubs (the ones often found in town homes) don't hold much water... barely enough for a toddler to soak in.  So for the past 5 years, I have pined for a deep soaker tub so that more than 8 inches of me could be covered in water at the same time.

Lucas was strongly against the idea of replacing the tub.  He said it would open a can of worms.  He said if we replace the tub, we have to change the plumbing... if we change the plumbing we have to replace the tiles... if we replace the tiles we have to fix the wall... if we fix the wall, we have to paint all the walls... if we paint the walls... you get the idea.  To add to all that dedication to hating my plan for a new tub, you all need to understand that this is our only tub/shower.  So, if it is out of commission - so is our ability to bathe/shower.   Needless to say, Lucas (who has been known to shower 2-4 times per day) was not interested in replacing the tub.

But then I got a bright idea.  If what I like is soaking in hot, steamy water... why not ask for a hot tub instead?

Turns out though, Lucas liked the idea of getting/installing a hot tub about as much as the idea of cutting his hand off with a tablesaw (not much at all in case you are wondering).  So with much pleading from me - and admittedly a little bargaining - he eventually came around to the idea of changing the bathroom.

We agreed that if we weren't going to be able to shower until the completion of the project, then the best time to tackle the bathroom was during our Christmas holiday (when no one at work would have to see ... or smell ... us).  So in the midst of all the Christmas preparations, we also made several trips to Home Depot to pick out a new tub, new wall tiles and all the fixins :)

Here's a pic of where we started:

Ew.  It wasn't until finishing the project and looking at these pictures that we realized how bad the bath/shower looked.  Try to focus on the fact that prettier/cleaner pictures will come eventually :)

Tomorrow I'll show you the progress we made on Day One - Demolition Day and Day Two - All Our Hard Work is Going to Be Hidden Behind a Wall Day !?!


Kell said...

I can't believe you're making us wait! I was so excited to see the completed project!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm totally catching up. This is amazing! We are totally picking our tub this weekend and I already made it clear that we need a deep soaker. Thanks for that reiteration.

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