Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Reading Resolution.

So last week I sent this message out to 20 of my facebook friends...

" I'm challenging myself to a year full of reading for fun and I want to be sure that I read a variety of genres and authors. What I'd love is for each of you to reply to this message with your favorite 3 book titles and my plan will be to read at least one of those 3 in the coming year. Choosing the book from your list would be easier if you also gave me a sentence or two about the book and why you love it. I'm up for reading any type of book but it can't be horrible heavy (Shakespeare) or trashy (Harlequins). Beyond that, I'm game!"

I've already gotten several messages back from my friends and I'll work away at posting those recommendations on here so that everyone can try out a new book. I will also post my reactions after I read those books to document my progress - Happy Reading Everyone!

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